COA vs Informational Testing

Here at Sequoia we offer two paths of testing for your cannabis products, Informational Testing and California Cannabis COA testing.


COA Testing


Sequoia Labs California Cannabis COA testing covers all you need to legally use your product within the California Cannabis Industry. Our analytics will cover all the potency and safety screenings required to distribute your product. For more information please refer to our Distributors Packet (link to PDF) that will have more information for you.


Informational Testing


What is Informational Testing?


An ‘Informational Test’ is a test report that is not useable for distribution or other California Cannabis Industry activities, it is only for your information. We use the exact same machinery, procedures and analytics for our informational testing that we use for our COA testing, but it does not require a sample pickup or entail any of the sampling procedures required under California Industry Testing. The sample size is much smaller as well.


What is Informational Testing used for?


For Growers-

Informational testing is useful in a variety of scenarios for growers, distributors and manufacturers.

For growers, informational testing can be used as soon as 4 weeks into the veg cycle of your lifecycle. At this point we can test for any pesticide residues left over from a mother plant that has been cloned, ratio tests can be run to determine your THC/CBD ratio and we can also run initial terpene profiles to give an idea of end point terpenes on your flowers.


As your plant approaches harvest, we can run cannabinoid profiles to determine when optimal harvesting should occur as well as run moisture content analysis to give you more harvesting data as you approach harvest.


Once you have harvested your plant, cannabinoid and moisture content testing can be used to determine proper curing procedures as well as test to see if cannabinoid levels are at an optimal level.


And finally, when you’ve dried and cured your product, you can use informational testing to do a pre check before you submit your sample to the distributor for final COA testing. If your product fails informational testing then you can do some remediation before you encounter your first “strike” on that batch of flowers. You only get two remediation attempts once you’ve submitted your sample to a distributor and if it fails the second time, your batch of product will require destruction.

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