With the huge number of recent changes in the cannabis market, there is much confusion related to the testing requirements for cannabis products. What needs to be tested? Who is responsible for getting it tested? What tests need to be performed? When should testing be performed?

For the commercial cannabis market in California, the state regulations that took effect on January 1, 2018, specify the requirements for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which verifies the testing of commercial cannabis products. These regulations also define responsibilities and include stringent chain of custody and record keeping requirements.

How do distributors keep in compliance with this overwhelming set of regulations? Who can a distributor partner with to ensure the smooth flow of their products to the retail marketplace? By taking a full lifecycle approach, working with growers, processors, analytics labs and retailers, distributors can keep their business on track. By ensuring everything is correct, from the selection of input products through certification of the finished product, distributors can mitigate unpleasant surprises that present significant financial risk:

* In the selection phase growers should ensure input products such as clones are as advertised. Test candidates before growing to ensure desired THC to CBN ratio, and the lack of pests and pesticides. Don’t invest in the wrong grow!

* In the grow phase periodic tests ensure microbiological (molds, etc.), pests and pesticides are not present in the crop. When detected early, growers can address issues before the entire crop is compromised.

* As the plants approach harvest phase testing helps growers know exactly when to harvest for optimal results providing the best possible return on investment. Finished product testing provides measurable insight into the potency and safety of the crop. Ensure the crop is free of harmful pesticides or other contaminants. For medical applications understand proper dosage. Have documented proof of the quality of your product!

Sequoia Analytical Labs is Sacramento’s oldest cannabis testing facility, ensuring patient safety since 2011.

Let Sequoia be your partner in the new regulated market, supporting you throughout the entire lifecycle to help you identify and correct problems before they become fatal to your business. We can help you understand sampling and tracking requirements, help you interpret testing results and make corrective actions, if necessary, and support the state’s track and trace requirements. And last but not least, we provide friendly, helpful service with rapid sample processing times and results posted on-line. Don’t get stuck at the end of the line and have your product sitting in a warehouse while it is waiting to be analyzed; Lock in your testing resources now!

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