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With the huge number of recent changes in the cannabis market, there is much confusion related to the testing requirements for cannabis products. What needs to be tested? Who is responsible for getting it tested? What tests need to be performed? When should testing be performed?

For the commercial cannabis market in California, the state regulations that took effect on January 1, 2018, specify the requirements for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which verifies the testing of commercial cannabis products. These regulations also define responsibilities and include stringent chain of custody and record keeping requirements.

What about home growers? Purity and safety are still important to the home grower. But if they are not involved with the commercial market, why would they want to deal with the hassle of COA testing? Although COA testing of the finished product may not make sense for home growers, testing throughout the entire growing cycle ensures home growers don’t encounter unpleasant surprises with their finished product.

* In the selection phase growers should ensure input products such as clones are as advertised. Test candidates before growing to ensure desired THC to CBN ratio, and the lack of pests and pesticides.

* In the grow phase periodic tests ensure microbiological (molds, etc.), pests and pesticides are not present in the crop. When detected early, growers can address issues before the entire crop is destroyed.

* As the plants approach harvest phase testing helps growers know exactly when to harvest for optimal results.

* Finished product testing provides measurable insight into the potency and safety of the crop. Ensure the crop is free of harmful pesticides or other contaminants. For medical applications understand proper dosage. Have documented proof of the quality of your plants compared to other growers!

Sequoia Analytical Labs is Sacramento’s oldest cannabis testing facility, ensuring patient safety since 2011.

In addition to California COA testing supporting the commercial cannabis market, Sequoia is proud to offer “Informational Testing” to provide home growers access to the testing that makes sense for them. Informational testing includes potency, microbiological, common pesticides and terpenes to provide insight into the safety and potency of the grow.

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