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AB 21 was enrolled January 28, 2016, lifting the March 1, 2016 deadline for local municipalities to create cultivation ordinance. Now there is some breathing room to create sane and fair ordinances for all of California. Please get involved with your local cities and counties and stand-up (politely) for you interests!

AB 1575, introduced 1/5/2016, is the omnibus clean-up legislation for last year’s MMRSA package. Conference committees continue and rewrites will happen, so you have plenty of time to contact the authors’ offices to give your input and participate in effecting CA law.

Municipalities will be expected to enact ordinances concerning local commercial growing. Contact your local government (city councils, county boards of supervisors, etc) to voice your concerns. They need YOUR input to craft fair and sensible regulations!

Links to state bill texts are below:

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