Sequoia Analytical uses gas chromatography to establish the level of THC CBD, and CBN contained in your sample. Each sample is divided and analyzed multiple times to ensure there are no test abnormalities that could lead to inaccurate results. We only consider a potency analysis to be complete when there is a percentage difference of less than 1% between tests, ensuring real world results. 



Moisture content is very important when assessing the time to harvest your plants or when drying you flowers. We make sure Moisture Content Analysis is included with each flower package to give you more factors to make your decisions with. On top of this, once you have gotten a sample tested and if you have any questions about your results, we are here to help you make sense of your numbers.


fmipic1-1024x682The foreign matter inspection, or ‘FMI’, is a thorough microscopic examination that can be performed before or after harvest. After harvest it is used to detect large foreign particles, hair, insects, mold colonies, or other foreign matter. This test includes a digital picture of the medicine taken at 40x magnification. This photo is especially useful pre-harvest as it can be used to track trichome development. Many consider the trichome stages to be one of the better indicators of when a plant has reached it’s maximum cannabinoid potential.