We at Sequoia Labs have been in the California cannabis industry long enough to know what matters to you with your medical cannabis testing. Whether it is quality assurance, dosage or labeling that you need for your medical cannabis products we will do whatever is needed to make sure you are satisfied with your results and have an idea of what to do next in the industry.


Intake Hours

Monday through Friday, 10 am – 4 pm

Please alert our staff with a phone call (916-920-4009) approximately 15 minutes prior to arrival so that we are ready to receive you.

After-hours and weekend intake is available by appointment. Sometimes we are in the office late so give us a call if you need a late drop off!

Any samples submitted after 3pm will be taken in to the lab the next business day so be aware of any time this may add to your turn around.

Lab Hours

Monday through Friday 10am-3pm

We infrequently make our lab techs available to talk to clients that have questions. Please give us a call to set an appointment to speak with them during these hours.


1783 Tribute Road, Ste. A
Sacramento, CA


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