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Any cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles or other products can opt for Sequoia Certification. Whether it's quality assurance, labeling, or dosage you require, our certificates assure your products have passed specific tests to make sure your products qualify for California Regulations.



​In the industry of cannabis, potency testing is integral when choosing which products to invest in. Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer, or consumer, once you know your product is free from contaminants, potency testing will let you know how psychoactive or medicinal the product your ingesting should be. Everybody is different though so be sure to understand the strain you’re ingesting beyond just the potency because potency will not tell you how indica or sativa leaning your product is and that is a very important factor. Another part of the cannabis profile that will help determine the sedative or euphoric effects is the terpenes of the product. Using the two profiles will give you a great idea of the effects from ingesting the product.

Another reason potency testing is used is to find out the strength of a base product such as trim or flowers that are going to be used in edibles or concentrates. Using the numbers you receive on your base product, you can get a good idea of the amount of cannabinoids you will have in your finished product. Our results are based on percentage of a gram, so you can easily extrapolate that out into the numbers you need to continue you manufacturing or other processing.

Cannabinoids tested for: THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBG



​We have partnered with Pathogen DX to bring you the most up to date and accurate microbiological testing on the market. From full bacterial screening (under the California Cannabis Regs) to full mold and yeast screenings, our microbiological testing will have everything you need to ensure the products you’re purchasing or consuming are free of micro contaminants. Out micro testing conforms to all California Cannabis Industry Testing standards.



Pesticide testing has come from a rarely used add on test to the most requested safety screen we offer. From intentional use by bad players in the market to the unfortunate, unintentional contamination from unverified clones or mislabeled “organic” pesticides, there are plenty of ways your products can become contaminated. That’s why we have invested time and capital into a robust pesticide screen for your products. We cover all 62 of the required analytes by the BCC and we are always looking to expand our capabilities when new, dangerous, contaminants hit the market

We offer R&D options as well so contact today to get started!


​Simply stated, terpenes are the aromatic compounds within the cannabis plant that give it it’s ‘aroma’ and affect the taste of the bud as you inhale it. Robustly stated, terpenes are the missing piece of your cannabis profile that, if tested for, will give you a much better understanding of the product you are ingesting or working with.

Ever get a sativa that made you a little more relaxed than anticipated? Gotten an indica that relaxed the body, but let the mind go? It is possibly the terpenes that are affecting the psycho-activity that you’re experiencing. Although the feelings are less intense or pronounced, terpenes have some effects on the body and mind that are worth considering.


​​Residual Solvent Analysis (RSA) is important in today’s California Cannabis Industry for a number of reasons. As more clients and consumers are interested in concentrated forms of cannabis, the need for RSA increases exponentially. Unfortunately, if there is an easy production method for cannabis concentrates, it usually involves some form of harmful chemical or solvent. And when bad players see the amount of money consumers are going to spend on concentrated products, they go out of their way to use the cheapest and easiest methods of production to make a quick buck. 9 times out of 10, you will not know about the solvents and chemicals left in the product you’re consuming unless it has been analyzed for chemical residuals. And that one time out of ten that you find out without testing.. is usually when it sparks up when you’re trying to ingest it. Avoid this hassle with an RSA test on your product today!

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