Have a sample to drop by the lab?

Here’s a step by step guide to make it easy on you.


1. What are you testing? Know what type of testing you would like on your cannabis products. Not sure? Refer to our Services page for more info.

2. Use the chart below to find out how much sample you will need to submit to the lab for testing. For flowers we recommend submitting smaller buds from different parts of your crop to get a better representative potency result. They should be dried and cured to your point of satisfaction.

Sequoia Price Guide (2015).pages

3. Give us a call at (916) 920-4009 to let us know when you’ll be arriving.

And that’s it! We’ll see you when you arrive! Please bring your California Prop 215 recommendation when submitting samples!

Do you stay somewhere in California that is not within driving distance? Give us a call or contact us and we will let you know the other options we have to get your sample in to our lab.