Testing Sample Size – or –

How much should I supply for testing?

The general rule of thumb for testing require 1 gram of product per each test. We ask for enough sample to complete the tests, as well as a buffer amount for any retesting, as well as to ensure proper homogenization. Below are more specific sample guidelines.

Flowers: 1 gram per test per flower.

Concentrates (wax, shatter, smoking oil, etc.): 1/2 gram per test.

Edibles (food item): we require a full serving, about 45 grams.

Edibles (tinctures, edible oils): 5ml per test.

Infusions (Salves and other topicals): 2 grams per test.

For example, I have one flower and one wax I need to test. I want to run a potency analysis on each sample. In addition, I would like to do a pesticide screen and a microbiological analysis on the flower, and a residual solvent analysis on the wax. I will need to turn into the lab:

3 grams of flower

1 gram of wax


Sample Collection

Cannabis plants have distinct growth patterns which influence how cannabinoids are distributed throughout the flowers. Flowers located on the primary stalk at the very top of the plant will yield the highest numbers, while flowers located on lateral stalks down towards the base of the plant will have the lowest numbers.

Because of this, we recommend specific methods of collection to ensure the most accurate profile results. Collect small bits of flower randomly from all portion of the plant – many small buds totaling 1 gram per test will be potentially more accurate than a single large bud.


Presentation Photos

Part of the service that Sequoia Analytical Labs provides is a final report structured to help you sell your product. We strive to represent your product accurately in our photography – what we term the “presentation photo”. This is displayed on the second page of your report, and we attempt to always include any writing on jars, caps, etc., which identify the product. If this photo will be impacting your sales, please feel free to give us directions, or include professional product labeling for the photo (we will be happy to return this if needed).